A day in the life at Blackwater Vets

 A day in the life at Blackwater Vets

8am sharp! Lights on, blinds up and answer phone switched over. Our day starts with prepping the consultation rooms, turning on all the diagnostic machines and most importantly, the kettle!

Procedures for the day need to be prepared for and set up; monitoring equipment, heat mats, intravenous catheter equipment, fluids, sterile instrument kits and warm, cosy accommodation for our guests.

Planning for the day ahead includes preparing injectables, discussing patient care for surgeries and following up any out of hours reports we’ve received overnight.

Clients start arriving with their pets from 8.30; vaccinations, medication reviews and sick patients. Every day is different. Ola our Vet and Rachael our Registered Veterinary Nurse are kept busy in their consultations throughout the morning. Medications are dispensed, deliveries start arriving and the phone can be ringing hot so everyone needs to be on their toes!

As the morning goes on, bloods from the medication reviews are analysed through our in house blood machines and results reported. Any urine samples are ran using our urinalysis device and sediment examined through the microscope.

Burnout in the veterinary world is extremely common and we understand the importance of prioritising our mental health. Therefore after morning consultations we try to take a break when possible – crumpets are our favourites!

Back to business! Ola, Rachael and Ashleigh head off into theatre to carry out the days procedures. This could include X-rays, Ultrasounds, dentals, mass removals and neutering to name but a few! Meanwhile the reception team are busy cleaning and topping up the consultation rooms ready to do it all over again in the afternoon.

We have a follow up procedure where we check up on our patients and clients with phone calls to see how they’re getting on; we ask questions like how are they getting on giving medications, DUDE (this isn’t what you think! In the veterinary industry it’s an acronym meaning Drinking, Urinating, Defecating and Eating) and overall demeanour.

Our Health Plan requires daily administration to ensure no pet is left unvaccinated or without their flea and worming treatment. Membership fees vary but the financial saving for products are huge.

It is of upmost importance we keep up with our biosecurity protocols, therefore all instruments used are cleaned and sterilised, along with the operating theatre. Throughout the day patients vital signs are monitored. They are fed, walked and given lots of love and attention – one of the favourite parts of our job!

Compassionate care is essential and this is especially important when it comes to euthanasia; whether it be supporting our clients and their beloved pets through the process or notifying when ashes have returned.

Round two! Afternoon consults begin. Any specimens that cannot be tested in house are collected during the day, packaged appropriately, along with the relevant paperwork. These are then collected by the courier and delivered to the external laboratory.

Evening comes to Mersea and we review the days cases together. An opportunity to discuss treatment plans, present feedback; positive or negative to help us provide the best care possible.

Out of hours takes over and we finish off the remaining tasks; sending off orders of medication, checking our stock levels and sending text reminders for vaccinations and tomorrows appointments. Of course we can have emergencies come in at any time so we have to be ready to go at a moments notice. Thus concludes another busy day at Blackwater Vets!

For more information please call our friendly reception team on 01206 384999.

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Did you know? ..Blackwater Vets is one of only just a few veterinary practices in the Colchester region that hold cat friendly clinic status?