Veterinary Physiotherapy utilises a range of manual therapies, electrotherapies and rehabilitative exercise.

At Blackwater Vets this includes:


Massage therapy uses different techniques to reduce muscle tension which may be limiting joint range of motion and improve circulation to promote tissue health, alongside a wealth of benefits inside tissue cells themselves. Massage may be included in your home exercise programme as with the additional release of endorphins massage promotes mental as well as physical wellbeing. Our physiotherapist Lana has additional qualifications in canine massage therapy so you can be sure your pet is quite literally in safe hands.


Stretching is a manual therapy used in physiotherapy to lengthen contracted, tense muscles both reducing muscle tension and increasing joint range of motion. Stretching may also form part of the home exercise programme as it can be especially useful after exercise to encourage the removal of lactic acid which can cause delayed onset muscle soreness and encourage an influx of blood to the area for tissue repair.


Laser therapy and red light therapy

All of cells in the body respond to light. The light energy activates part of the cell called the mitochondria, leading to increased energy production and enhanced functioning. Laser therapy can be used to reduce pain, reduce inflammation and stimulate tissue to repair and heal. It is especially effective for targeting painful joints and trigger points in muscles.


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (or PEMFT, for short) is an electrotherapy that generates electromagnetic pulses in the target tissue. Depending on the parameters selected, this can have a range of effects on tissue including reducing pain and inflammation as well as increasing blood flow to an area for tissue repair, improving nerve function and increasing the rate of  bone healing. PEMFT is particularly good for reaching deeper structures of the body that cannot be reached by other modalities.

Home exercise programme

To complement your in-house physiotherapy treatment, we can select a number of home exercises for you to work on at home with your pet to aid progress towards their goals. All home exercise plans are tailored specifically to both the needs of your pet and you as their owner. We will go through the exercises with you to make sure you are comfortable with them, as well as providing a booklet with instructions and pictures. You will also be able to access video demonstrations on the client resources page.

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Did you know? ..Blackwater Vets is one of only just a few veterinary practices in the Colchester region that hold cat friendly clinic status?