Our Compelling Purpose

We proudly set clear expectations at Blackwater Vets and our clients are invited to join our practice based on our commitment to a relationship of mutual respect and kindness. Our expectation is that our clients are open to education on animal welfare and taking our professional advice on what is best for the ongoing physical and emotional wellbeing of their pet.

Pain management is an area of pet welfare we feel very strongly about and where we will never compromise. However, we understand that recognising pain in pets can be difficult for owners.

We will help and guide you on both veterinary care but also holistic management to aid pet wellbeing. This might include environmental changes in conjunction with pain relief which could avoid the need for multiple medications or allowing a pet to become so debilitated that the muscles waste and treatment becomes unviable later.

Our focus is always on keeping pets happy and healthy through education. We are continually growing and developing our knowledge and expertise and will always share up to date information from trusted sources and clinical experts with you.

We run regular nurse clinics and frequently publish articles in our local press as well as via our website. There is nothing more satisfying than guiding our clients on how to ensure their pets have fulfilling lives.

It is always better for both pet welfare but also financially, to look at pet health and wellbeing management early rather than to treat the problem when it is well established. We look forward to sharing our values and commitment to achieving this with our client community.

2 Mill Road, West Mersea

Colchester, Essex



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Did you know? ..Blackwater Vets is one of only just a few veterinary practices in the Colchester region that hold cat friendly clinic status?