Mental Enrichment for Cats

When you consider how a cat would behave in the wild, it helps us understand how important mental stimulation is for them as a domestic pet.

A wild cat would spend hours hunting and playing in the wild, and even a domesticated cat will hunt for up to three hours a day.

As our pets have become domesticated, many of us prefer them not to hunt, or keep them indoors. We therefore need to provide them with mental stimulation to replace their hunting.

This is not only good for their mental wellbeing as it occupies their brains but is also good for physical wellbeing as it keeps them fit and active and can avoid problems such as obesity and associated arthritic pain.

Take a look at some of the great ideas below for mental stimulation games;

It is really important to get the right play behaviour right from the start so take a look at this blog to ensure that play remains fun for both you and your cat;


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