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Have you ever felt that, in the uncertainty of life after COVID-19, a little added support with the maintenance healthcare of your pet would be happily welcomed? 

‘So many of our members love the plan’s reminder text messages.  It makes the regular health care of their pets so easy and makes them really feel that we are supporting them and their pets every step of the way’  Wendy Dunn, Practice Receptionist & Plan Manager.

The Nose to Tail Healthcare Plan – For Happy Healthier Pets

  1. Members to the plan are eligible for an across-the-board 10% reduction on all products, services and in-practice treatments at Blackwater Vets.

Examples include:

  • All medications
  • All blood tests
  • All operations
  • Veterinary consults
  • All veterinary diets.
  • All nail clips 
  1. Immediate savings for clients that regularly de-flea, de-worm and vaccinate their pets:

The Parasite control products included in the Nose to Tail Healthcare Plan are;

  • Advocate spot on treatment which treats against fleas and other parasites including the treatment and prevention of lungworm.
  • Milbemax tablets which protect against all worms including tapeworm
  • Nexgard Spectra tablets which protect against fleas and ticks and other parasites including lungworm.

If you already use these products, or want to do so, and vaccinate yearly, this plan will be your ideal choice.

Teamed with yearly vaccinations, and also tailor made plans for Puppies and Kittens, membership of the plan brings savings of between £20.69 – £58.00 a year plus the 10% off all other products, services and treatments in practice.  This is particularly beneficial for instance, for those animals who are on repeat medications, which need regular blood tests or which need regular dental work under anaesthesia.

3. Other perks of the plan:

  • Reminders for vaccinations, healthcare appointments and product collection.
  • Two health and dental checks per year
  • Microchip placement and scanning to ensure chip integrity.

Membership takes just minutes with our helpful reception staff.  No contracts are involved and it can even be arranged in the clinic on the day  ….  For more information or to join call 01206 384999

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Did you know? ..Blackwater Vets is one of only just a few veterinary practices in the Colchester region that hold cat friendly clinic status?