Meet the team!

7th April 2022

With many new faces on Mersea, we thought it was about time we introduced ourselves…


Ola is our vet and practice owner. Ola qualified in Poland but has since lived in Ireland, Australia and now the UK. She has additional qualifications in business and is currently enjoying learning about the psychology behind team building and applying this at Blackwater Vets.

Likes: Gardening, red squirrels, cats and shiny sinks

Dislikes: Turkey at Christmas (overrated)

Fun fact: Ola has also worked in A&E and as a pizza chef whilst travelling.



Rachael is our veterinary nurse. She has also obtained a degree in zoology. Rachael adores her 2 dogs Millie, a beagle cross, and Phoebe, a Yorkshire terrier mix and regularly visits them at her parents house.

Likes: roller blading, films and small dogs in cardigans!

Dislikes: when there are no veggie sandwiches at the shop and she is forced to be a fake vegetarian

Fun fact: Racheal is very environmentally conscious and collects empty containers at work to fill with toiletries and save plastic.



Ashleigh is our student veterinary nurse. She also has a degree in animal science from the same university as Lana. Ashleigh also has qualifications in beauty treatments and is a trained barista.

Likes: travelling, visiting new restaurants, going on pretty walks and socialising.

Dislikes: when people move things in her tidy kitchen and theatre, and orange chocolate (we know right, what)

Fun fact: Ashleigh regularly raises money for cancer research, a charity close to her heart, by running marathons and fundraiser walks



Lana is our veterinary physiotherapist. She loves dogs and also qualified as a canine hydrotherapist. Lana grew up in Cyprus and rescued 3 dogs there who, like her think England’s weather is rubbish.

Likes: horse riding, walks, yoga, reading and baking

Dislikes: having all the windows open for “ventilation” in winter (like the arctic in here).

Fun fact: Lana regularly distracts the team by making them all look at wedding dresses for her wedding next year, for which Ashleigh is a bridesmaid. Ola says that no one is allowed to get married for 3 years after this!!



Wendy is our receptionist and work mum! Outside of work Wendy has a grand total of 6 children, 8 grandchildren, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 horses. She enjoys riding her horse Lady along the beach and holidaying in the sun.

Likes: forcing everyone to dance at work parties

Dislikes: the saying “at the minute” and “reaching out” (bad English apparently)

Fun fact: Wendy is also a qualified hairdresser.



Claudia is our receptionist and also has a rather full inventory with 4 children, 11 grandchildren, 2 horses and a German Shepherd Dog called Cooper. Claudia is a volunteer for the German shepherd dog rescue where she rescued Cooper from and is also German herself!

Likes: horse riding, baking and dog training

Dislikes: rap music, mince pies and tacky decorations

Fun fact: Claudia can actually build a computer from scratch and was previously a computer technician


Mystery vet – could this be you??

Must like: teamwork, not taking life too seriously and joining in with regular team activities like spa trips and concerts

Do you dislike: finishing late, no work life balance, stressful workplace dynamic

Fun fact: We are actively recruiting and would really like to meet you! Get in touch on 01206384999.