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My Pet is old, It’s just like that isn’t it?


It’s a natural process that as we get older, our joints and movements slow down, our kidneys start to suffer, hearts get stressed and it’s normal for us to see our G.P.

So as your best buddy ages, it’s imperative that your furry friend has regular checkups with your vet and veterinary nurses. Cats and dogs often hide their symptoms as part of pack mentality and not wanting to show weakness. And we all know they can’t talk to tell you what’s wrong.

If your pet seems out of sorts from what you know to be normal, give us a call and have a chat. It might be nothing to worry about, but it might be something we can solve.

It’s very easy for us to do a general health profile blood test to ensure the health and well being of your pet. We have up to date in-house lab equipment to evaluate your pet’s blood and urine (and all kinds of matters what else!) and will usually have the results while you wait with a cuppa. And if we find, for example, poor kidney function, then we can treat it just like you would at the doctor for yourself. Almost all but the most severe conditions can be treated and we will always offer what we think is the best course of action as well as discuss with our clients what they are able to do.

In short, getting old isn’t a disease. And with proper monitoring your pet can have a healthy and happy retirement too.

We often see clients who say “she’s old and I didn’t want to mess her about”, but wouldn’t you rather treat those sore joints and have her living comfortably in the later stages of life?

Imagine your children saying “I’m not going to bother taking dad to the G.P, he’s just old.”

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