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Be preventative and regularly use treatment to keep your pets happy and healthy

Parasites including fleas and worms cause your pet pain & stress.  Fleas and worms can also be transferred to humans in the family, so it is essential to treat pets to stop and prevent these parasites.

Fleas live in any warm environment, this is why household pets are susceptible to fleas.   These environments could be your pet’s fur, your clothes and furniture, and in the summer months the grass and sand outside your house or in the local park.

Fleas can lay up to 50 eggs every single day, and when all 50 of those start breeding, you quickly have an infestation on your hands. This rapid lifecycle makes fleas particularly difficult to get rid of. As well as being hard to clear, fleas will bite both you and your pet causing red, itchy bumps and to top it all off, bites can also spread nasty diseases.

If your pet has fleas, they are likely to swallow them whilst grooming. This is bad news as fleas can carry tapeworm eggs which will hatch in your pet’s gut. Tapeworms will then cause your pet to become very unwell if they’re not treated quickly and effectively.

Here at Blackwater vets we can provide you with advice and preventative measures to stop the discomfort and problems caused to your pets by worms and fleas.

If you think your pet has fleas or worms, please make an appointment to see us at Blackwater vets as soon as possible so that they can receive the right treatment.

To make an appointment to discuss parasite control please call: 01206 384999