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Dental work? On a Pet? You must be joking!

As you all know, you and I brush our teeth (and floss and mouthwash) at least twice a day to maintain good oral hygiene and fresh breath. But what about your pet’s breath?

Your pet’s mouth has exactly the same conditions as you and I, But we don’t regularly brush their teeth do we? And when you’ve got a toothache, you know it hurts!

And what’s our favourite complaint? “Doggy breath”

Monitoring the oral health of your pet is important as they can have build ups of tartar, teeth can rot and wear away. Gum health is important too as trapped food can rot and cause infections.

As always, preventative treatments are better than a cure, so please ask your vet how best to maintain good oral health to avoid the cost of dental work. Things such as dentabites and chews, and a mostly dry food diet can all help to prevent tartar and tooth decay.

When required we can perform dental work from a simple scale and polish to more extensive work, x rays and extractions.

As you can imagine, a cat or a dog won’t sit still for you while there is a unusual buzzing thing in it’s mouth, so we would usually do dental work under a general anaesthetic. This is why it’s more involved than normal dental work.

Estimates are always given in advance of any procedure, but particularly with dental work, it’s often not possible to evaluate a pets mouth properly while conscious (especially if there is pain in the area), so estimates are given on a “worst case scenario” until the pet is sedated and your vet can have a proper look around.

There is no set cost to dental work as the work can vary greatly and the end cost of these procedures is based on time spent doing the work. There is no such thing as “how much is it to have 3 teeth out?”

Proper care of your pet’s teeth is important for good overall health of your pet and general happiness.

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